Court: Patan High Court

Case No: 076-WO-0822 

Advocates from Jurist & Company, representing the plaintiff.

Our Claim: The 7,99,000 shares that has been transferred in the name of Lal
Kaji Gurung in relation with the lease loan from Civil Credit and co-operative ltd shall remain intact.

Lalkaji Gurung
Ex- Chairman of Civil saving and credit co-operative ltd Itchya Raj Tamang,
Civil saving and credit co-operative ltd And others

An Interim order has been issued in the name of the opposition: 

  • to give continuity to the order given by the High Court on 2076/3/26. 
  • the order stated opposition is not to do or allowed to do any act that is unfavorable to the applicant in relation to ownership, liability, and benefit of the share.