Court: Patan High Court

Case No: 076-FJ-0145 

Advocates from Jurist & Company, representing the plaintiff.
Our claim: To prevent the BOD to utilize its power and to protect the right
and interest of the shareholders in relation to s 138 and s 139 of the Company
Act, 2063.

Mina Gurung


Civil Business Complex Pvt.Ltd, Board of Directors of Civil Business Complex Pvt.Ltd, Ichhya Raj Tamang, Keshav Lal Shrestha, Lalkaji Gurung, Civil saving And credit co-operative ltd.

An Interim order has been issued in the name of the opposition: 

  • not to do, allow to do and keep as it is, any act of selling mortgaging and act creating the liability of the company that is unfavorable to applicant shareholder, by the Board of Directors and directors of the oppopsition Civil Busine Complex Pvt.Ltd.

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