This law firm was founded in the year 2009 BS by Mr. Sudha Nath Pant, with a vision to imprint the image of this law firm as the leading litigation law firm in Nepal. Later in the year 2046 BS, Mr Pant’s son, now Senior Advocate and ex-Attorney General of Nepal, Mr. Sushil Kumar Pant, along with the guidance of Advocate Sudha Nath Pant continued to add value to the mission of the firm, which shaped this law firm into one of the leading litigation law firms in Nepal. 

 The experience we have gained throughout the years, along with the expertise that our core team members bring to the firm, we are proud to share that not only have we served our clients legal interests but have also helped the under prevailed people/community to overcome their legal obstacles.

We serve the clients in all legal matters within the country. We provide services in the areas of business, family, property and all sorts of legal matters. We also assist companies and individuals with their business transactions. We provide civil, criminal, commercial and other legal services including advice and drafting of documents and litigation. We also provide defense counseling to employers, companies and individuals in the stated areas

Late Mr. Sudha Nath Pant, who left for heavenly abode in 2063 BS, was the founder of Pant’s Law Firm. Pant had started his law practice from 2009 BS. He was certified as a lawyer from the Supreme Court in the year 2018 BS. He started his practice as an advocate in 2016 BS. Later Mr. Sushil Kumar Pant joined the firm from 2035 BS. The Pant’s Law Firm was later incorporated as Jurist and Company Pvt. Ltd. in 2046 BS. Since then, Jurist & Company has been serving the people according to its mission statement.

Jurist & Company is a Private Limited Company established originally by two lawyers Mr. Sudha Nath Pant and Mr. Sushil Kumar Pant since 2046 BS. Our office has a centre point location at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu. We have an efficient core team of 12 professionals.

Our present office occupies 3778 sq. feet of floor space. It is situated on the top floor, which is the fifth floor of the building. The office building is also equipped with an elevator, for easy access to the uppermost floor where we are housed.

The roof area of the office is also a green lawn area of around 3000 sq. feet in addition to the office floor lawn. The office contains state of the art working environment. It also comprises a library, which is a repository of all the legal instruments of Nepal and other international references.

The office comprises two meeting rooms with comfortable facilities. We also provide a separate office for international lawyers based on short term lease. This facility is meant to provide convenient working space for those foreign lawyers who seek an office but do not want to squander more than a few minutes of their valuable time. They will be provided with all office facilities once they lease an office in this company.

Besides these, we have other basic facilities like internet, phone, fax, conference call system with speakers, intranet connection, CCTV arrangements, UPS, scanner, photocopy machines, separate male and female toilets, etc. We also have a stand by generator. It is no wonder that we are known for having par excellence international level working office in Nepal second to none.