Related Laws: 

  • Constitution of Nepal.
  • Nepal Citizenship Act, 2063.
  • Nepal Citizenship Regulation (Third Amendment), 2080.


  • Application to District Administration Office  (Note: Application should be applied to the DAO from which you’ve obtained Citizenship earlier)
  • Police Report
  • Obtaining Citizenship

Documents Required: 

  1. Proof that applicant or applicant’s father or mother, grandfather or grandmother was a citizen of Nepal.
  2. Proof of Citizenship revocation, if the applicant had revoked his/her citizenship earlier. 
  3. Proof of citizenship of Foreign Country
  4. Proof that the foreign country where applicant resides is other than SAARC member nation.
  5. Self-declaration of abiding by Constitution and laws of Nepal. 
  6. Copy of passport of Foreign Country.