Sudhigya Pant has obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (2014) from Lancaster University and his post graduate diploma in Economics (2016) and Juris Doctor (2019) from the University of Sydney.

Mr. Pant has been working with us during his university summer and winter break since last 3 years. As of now he has been an advocate and full time employee since December 2019. He handles all the criminal litigation  and in addition his responsibility includes managing the administration of the law firm. 
Mr. Pant is also actively involved in primary and secondary share market transaction in Nepal. He has established a portfolio management company named Arsia Investment Pvt. Ltd.  He has also interned in the public debt department of the central bank of Nepal in 2012. In 2014, he worked in contractual basis with ICFC finance company which is a C class financial institution in Nepal for a year.  

Along with a combination of work experience, Mr. Pant is also an active writer. He has published 22 articles till date in the national daily in both Nepali and English language. His articles are more focused on the legal, social and political problems and discussions.