Mr. Sushil Kumar Pant is the lead lawyer of Jurist & Company (Pvt.) Ltd, a general Practice law firm of Kathmandu, Nepal. He served as the Attorney General of the Kingdom of Nepal from 2003-2004. Senior Advocate Pant graduated from Nepal Law Campus and commenced his legal career. He later obtained a Master’s Degree in Comparative Law from Delhi University [ Read More]

Mr. Narendra Gautam is a law graduate from Nepal Law Campus. He is a senior legal counsel of this company. Advocate Gautam has a wide range of work experience. He got the license of a pleader in 1987. He then became an advocate in 1992. He was the company secretary at Machchapuchre Bank in 1999 [ Read More]

Sudhigya Pant has obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (2014) from Lancaster University and his post graduate diploma in Economics (2016) and Juris Doctor (2019) from the University of Sydney.
Mr. Pant is a fresh graduate and has been working with us during his university summer and winter break since 2017 [ Read More]

Mr. Tek Bahadur Karki has been in this company for almost 20 years. He manages the periphery of the company and maintains the required standard to make the working environment more efficient. He also manages and handles all the administrative work in the court.