For registering a Manpower Company in Nepal the steps to be followed are:

1 Company Registration at Office of Company Registrar
2 Registration in Ward Office 
3 Registration in Internal Revenue Department
4 Application for Registration in Department of Foreign Employment
5 If the department rejects the application for registration, we’ve to file an application i.e. writ petition in High Court to obtain order for registering the company.
6 Filing writ petition in High Court and obtaining the order for registering the company.
7 If the court gives the order, the order will be presented before Department of Foreign Employment for the implementation of the decision.
8 After above mentioned procedures, the department will provide register the company and provide with license for conducting the work as per objective of the company.

Required Document

In Office of Company Registrar:

  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Article of Association
  3. Application for company incorporation
  4. Power of Attorney (if any)
  5. Notarized citizenship of all shareholder

In Ward Office: 

1.    Rent Agreement Paper 

2.    Land Ownership Certificate 

3.    Land Owner’s Citizenship Certificate 

4.    Property Tax clearance Certificate 

5.    Rent tax paid Receipt

In IRD: 

1.    Land Registration Certificate photocopy

2.    Citizenship photocopy of Landlord.

3.    Other Documents provided by OCR and Ward Office

4.    Personal PAN details of Shareholders 

In Department of Foreign Employment 

1.    Application 

2.    PAN Registration Certificate

3.    Company Registration Certificate

4.    MOA/ AOA

5.    Details of Operation Plan 

6.    Capital Action Plan 

7.    Self-Declaration Letter 

8.    Citizenship (Notarized)

9.    Experience Letter (Minimum 2 years)

10. Bio-Data of all shareholders/Directors. 

 Should you encounter any uncertainty or require assistance during the registration process, please contact and our expert team will be with you right away!