Starting a business in Nepal begins with the crucial process of officially establishing your company. This blog aims to guide you through the necessary steps for registering a private company with the Company Registrar’s office. It presents the entire company registration process in Nepal using clear and organized language. 

Process of Company Formation: 

Step 1: Reservation of company name at the OCR
Step 2: Submission of documents at OCR 
Step 3: Examination of submitted documents by OCR
Step 4: Issuance of company registration certificate BY OCR
Step 5: Registration of Business at Local Level (Ward Office)
Step 6: Tax Registration (VAT/PAN) at the Inland Revenue Office

Information Required: 

1.   Prospective/Expected Name of Company

2.   Capital of the company

3.   Name of Shareholders and their witness with current address details.

4.   Citizenships information of all the shareholders and witnesses.

Documents Required:

  1. Memorandum of Association
  2. Article of Association
  3. Application for company incorporation
  4. Power of Attorney (if any)
  5. Notarized citizenship of all shareholder

After incorporation at OCR:

  1.   Rent agreement and amount for rent. 
  2. Citizenship copy and Lalpurja (House ownership certificate) of House owner.
  3. PAN no. of Shareholders. 
  4. Minute of Decision of Using one of the director’s Photo in PAN certificate. 

Should you encounter any uncertainty or require assistance during the company formation journey, please contact and our experienced team will be within your reach!